Our Approach

Our Human-Centered Design Approach

Discovery Phase

  • Identify business goals and user goals
  • Evaluate current products or services
  • Gather insights on user wants and needs through well-planned interviews, surveys, and other methods

Strategy Phase

  • Identify the most important user challenges to tackle based on research data and tools like personas and journey maps
  • Plan strategy with user requirements and wireframes

Testing Phase

  • Assess the usability and UX of the product or service with expert reviews and testing with users
  • Evaluate the product or service against goals and requirements

Our Services

As PhD-level researchers, we investigate what people want and need in ways that fit the bigger context of how they work, live, and behave.

We select methods and strategy that best fit the project, and we deliver whatever materials are most useful — reports, presentations, wireframes, personas, and journey maps are just a few ideas.

Usability Testing

We test prototypes and products by observing real users interacting with them. We dig into what people are thinking and feeling to help you create a product that exceeds expectations.

Interview Research

We are trained facilitators and we are curious. We love talking to people to find out about their motivations, challenges, ideas, and opinions.

Field Research

We know that understanding the context and environment of use is sometimes critical to designing an effective product or service. We go where the users are.

Survey Research

We create surveys that don’t suck — surveys that give you valuable insights and don’t waste anyone’s time.

Common Questions

User experience (UX) has come to mean a few different things to different professions. To us at Kennason, UX means how a person experiences a product or service.

More specifically, how easy is it to use? How useful is it? How much do people like it? What different kinds of users are there, and how might their experiences differ?

User research helps teams create products and services that are genuinely valuable to users — and more effective and profitable too!

Usability testing is a research method for testing how usable a product or service is. Using a website as a simple example, can people find the information they are looking for? Do they understand the purpose of the site? Does the menu make sense?

For usability testing, we expertly observe how people interact with a product and collect data to make suggestions for improvements.

Decades before User Experience was a known term, Human Factors professionals used their expertise in cognitive psychology and human behavior to help engineers design better tools and equipment.

Human Factors usually refers to design in safety-critical contexts like healthcare and aviation, whereas User Experience is the term often used for commercial, everyday products.

Bringing in outside UX consultants can be valuable whenever you are striking out with a new (or redesigned) product, feature, initiative, or service. Expert user research can help de-risk the launch of something new or redesigned.

Similarly, maybe you want to know why people aren't using your product they way you expect them to. We can help!

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