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Kennason is a User Experience (UX) consulting company.

We are experts in applying human research to product and service design.

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What does Kennason do?

With our psychology and engineering expertise, we help companies create products and services that are useful and easy to use. We leverage user research insights to help companies reduce the risk involved in launching a product, feature, or service by making sure it's as thoughtful and effective as it can be.

Our background is in a field called Human Factors and Ergonomics, which means we understand how to design for the human brain and body. We work on all kind of products — both digital and physical — with the goal of shaping better experiences.

What's our story?

Since 2015, we have been operating Kennason out of the New York Capital Region. We provide UX Research and UX Design consulting to big and small companies in diverse industries like healthcare, government, aviation, and financial services.

We are also cat people. Cats are cautiously curious, and they always land on their feet.

Becca Kennedy, PhD and Adam Ryason

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Our Work

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Our Process

We build personalized research plans for each project. Our approach typically includes phases for Discovery, Strategy, and Testing.

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Our Services

We know how to get the job done. Our specialties are thoughtful interviews, well-crafted surveys, product usability testing, and more.

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Our Clients

We really get to know our clients and their users to help them incorporate meaningful user research into their product strategy.

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"The Kennason team provided a concise list of actionable items that enabled us to quickly implement software improvements to the benefit of our customers. My company executives were very impressed with the results of the testing and data that they presented."

Isaac Abbott, Product Innovation Engineer at MTI Instruments

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